2024 Lambing Events

February 2024

Due to family health issues we won't be running any lambing events over Easter 2024. We hope to offer a full lambing events programme again in spring 2025.

About The Farm

Broom House is a mixed crop and grassland farm with sheep and beef cattle. The farm is 130 hectares in size (equivalent to 180 premier league football pitches!) and wraps around the Wallington National Trust property.

The farm is a commercial business and we try to be self-sufficient by growing the crops, hay and silage needed to feed the livestock throughout the year and use the manure from the animals to fertilise the land.


We have an established flock of 450 breeding sheep. The flock in unusual in having a mix of black and white sheep from the cross breeds we use. The busiest time of the year is in March and April, when the sheep have lambs. Look out for sheep events and open days during the lambing season.

Broom House Farm
Broom House Farm

Cows and Calves

Look out for our cows and calves grazing around the farm. We are building the beef herd to around 60 cows. The breeds we use originate from all over Europe, with British Shorthorn, French Saler and Limousin cattle and a Simmental bull called Eric, from Yorkshire!

Other Farm Animals

A small flock of laying hens, herds of breeding pigs, mischievous pygmy goats and a pair of noisy donkeys also live on the farm.

You can now walk or cycle around the farm on all weather paths, starting from Wallington Hall. You might be lucky enough to spot roe deer, red squirrels, buzzards or the barn owls currently roosting in the barns and breeding in the woodlands at Broom House!